Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Taking Your Expensive Toys South of the Border...

In our Facebook Group TalkBaja, we see stories from time to time of travelers who have had a vehicle, boat, motorcycle and even small planes stolen while in Mexico.

The Baja California Peninsula remains today a wide-open territory that I often refer to as much like the old wild-wild west. Thousands of square miles of remote and sparsely populated areas with no services or emergency response. The overwhelming majority of folks living down here are hard working, decent and honest people. But like the old wild west there are also a few bandidos here and there just waiting to take advantage of too few police to cover such a vast, remote area.

Occasionally a car, truck, SUV or motorcycle have disappeared overnight from a hotel parking lot, boats moored at a seaside marina have gone to sea without their captain and even small planes have taken off during the night without making a sound. It happens - not everyday - but it happens.

The answer? SPOT Trace tracking device. GPS-satellite tracking to help recover your valuable assets... 

Advanced Theft-Alert Tracking for Anything

Once activated and powered on, SPOT Trace will acquire its exact coordinates from the GPS network. SPOT Trace sends the GPS location to communication satellites. The satellites relay the message to a ground network, which uses the internet to route the message to your phone or computer. SPOT Trace allows you to monitor your asset and track its movement in near real-time via Google Maps. Because SPOT Trace uses satellite technology, it can communicate from some of the most remote locations around the world. Never let your most valuable asset disappear without a trace.


SPOT Trace's compact and discreet design allows the device to blend in seamlessly with its surroundings. Durable and lightweight, SPOT Trace goes anywhere.


(4) AAA Energizer Ultimate Lithium 8x batteries (L92) — INSTALLED
 (4) AAA Energizer NiMH rechargeable batteries (NH12) — SOLD SEPARATELY
 Line power with a 5v USB connection (NOT waterproof) — INCLUDED
 Waterproof DC Power Cable — SOLD SEPARATELY


 Reversible mounting bracket
 Industrial strength double-sided tape
 Adhesive grip pad
 Adhesive hook and loop tape


Download User Guide (PDF)

"A million uses that doesn't cost an arm and leg!" - Justin

"SPOT Trace offers anti-theft protection for valuable assets such as boats, and peace of mind for family members tracking a long journey such as the Baja Ha Ha and beyond." - Inga Askamit,

"SPOT Trace is the most user friendly tracking device with the best battery life hands down." - AC

"SPOT Trace provides services that are invaluable in improving the safety of our program." - The University of Miami Small Boat Program

"SPOT Trace is without a doubt a must-have for anyone needing to track an asset. It's so affordable and so easy-to-use that there's no excuse not to have one. Defiantly a must-have!" - Tim

"I never have to worry about my asset again." - Paul
"Remember SPOT spelled back-words is 'TOPS' . That is what they are. SPOT has put out a top quality affordable easy to use product" - Art

"I liked SPOT Trace so much that I purchased a second one." - Susan

"Works everywhere, any time, when you need it." - Bryan