Monday, March 21, 2016

Spring Break Options?

Rosarito Beach has been a favorite for the "under 30" crowd around Spring Break for decades. If you live close to the border, only have a few days off and looking for something different, here are a few other Baja getaway options...

Playa La Misión
38 miles from Tijuana

The halfway point between Rosarito and Ensenada, not to mention just 30 minutes from some 100 wineries in Valle de Guadalupe, La Misión offers wide, sandy stretches alongside massive waves and is within walking distance of La Fonda Hotel’s famed Sunday brunch.

Stay: Poco Cielo

San Felipe

122 miles from Mexicali
A two-hour straight shot from the Calexico-Mexicali border crossing, San Felipe was once the would-be Rosarito of the desert, evident thanks to its roster of monstrous, now-empty nightclubs. These days, you’re better off loading a cooler full of fresh seafood and pitching a tent along the coast somewhere south of town near Valle de los Gigantes, a cardón cactus reserve that’s home to 60-foot, 25-ton specimens that are up to 300 years old.
Stay: Playa del Paraiso

San Quintin
180 miles from Tijuana

San Quintin is home to one of the largest bays on the west coast of Baja. This mostly agricultural town is often overlooked by travelers who don't realize that to see the best this region has to offer, you need to get off the highway. Whether you seek world class sport fishing out of the Old Mill, offroading on hundreds of miles of trails that are Baja 1000 tested, see the observatory up at San Pedro Martir or simply want to explore the coastal wonders the region offers including thousands of tide pools and La Lobera - a popular sea lion sanctuary carved out of rock over millions of years from strong tides and high waves off the coast of Baja California, creating large cavities between the rock where the sea penetrates. San Quintin is often considered where the real Baja begins. Heading south, visitors find the decompression process kicking in more completely, and that 'Baja mode' really begins to take over!
Stay: Hotel Jardines Baja

Bahía de los Ángeles
403 miles from Tijuana

Jacques Cousteau once referred to the Gulf of California as the world’s aquarium, and the waters off the coast of Bahía are living proof, full of yellowtail that stretch up to five feet. Located within the Valle de los Cirios wildlife reserve, which covers the southern half of Baja California, the Bay of Angels was originally home to thousands of Cochimí people before the arrival of Hernán Cortés’s explorers in the 1500s.
Stay: Mauro’s Posada